Never Be the Same Again

How much easier it is to be a man;
and find a lady - just content to be
an inspiration unto only him alone.
Moving silently within the
background that such loving
ways can bring. Yet why was
it that she could never seem to
function on her own at all...?

Yet still, so few, so far between,
the men who could make do
within a role reversal, and even
more importantly, within the feelings
of a true equality. Moments, days
and years go on. Children born and
growing strong, so far beyond
the death of their combined imagination.
What is that so often comes to change
so suddenly in these realtionships...?

Almost as if the flow of all their loving
dreams had wondered cross the border
into nightmare images. And all their plans
were thrown askance, no matter any
things they had acquired in that world
of pretense that so many call togetherness.
A candle glowing - grown into the flames
of fireplaces - even this no longer brings
the thrill alive between the two of them,
the way it always used to do.

There is no mistake here, each of them
still loves their children well. Yet
something else of great importance
has been lost somehow within the
many moments that lay so heavily
between them now. And even now,
each night they lie their weary bodies
down in that same bed; but now it is
as if a wall, impervious - has become
a constant that divides them
all too utterly.

Why is that they are not able just to talk;
that once upon a time and way of
one-on-one - that both of them should
be familiar with by now? Expressing
every feeling with no thought of needing
to withhold a thing. When did even that
begin to change? And what happened
to the many chances in between,
when together still, they might have
found a way to stop the constancy
of this, their total separation and division?

Where once they laughed and played and
loved completely, now sorrow's sighs are
all that seem to come to them, no matter
all the dreams they used to share. Their
children grown too old to play the role of
innocence and youthful joy between them.
And yet no matter how they try, there seems
no way to bring them back into those times
of worn-out memories. He busies himself
with the worries of the greater world unbound.
And she can only seem to keep the fire within
the hearth lukewarm these days. There is a
something that's been missing for too long.

So much gone wrong between just two, that
neither one of them can ever hope to just
get through it all again. And so they spend
another holiday - pretending everything is
still okay, (yet knowing that this time around,
within an undeniable eternity of truth),
that nothing that they knew before
will ever be the same for them again.

Yet even now, no other entity,
could come to claim the spotlight
of their blame - not any more...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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