Nothing Matters

Silent emotions, the hazardous kind.
Venomous, they steal your life away.
Every breath becomes a chore, and
nothing seems to matter anymore.
Festering inside of you, as if to turn
you to a corpse, slowly from the inside,
out and back again, into the nothingness
that chaos claims to be.

And nothing seems to matter anymore.
Howling, the beast breaks free, and
gnaws upon your innards. Growling
in a deep of satisfaction that you never
come to feel as such at all. Blank, the
eyes that never look inside.

And nothing seems to matter anymore.
Condemned without a trial. Sentenced
to a slowly growing, agonizing death.
Feel each cell become a swell of total
misery. Don't fight it, just give up, as
still, you stoically deny your given
rights of life and happiness.

And as you do, all of a sudden, you may
find that it is true - that nothing matters
anymore at all for you.
Beware the darker tides
of life in mind...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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