Of Absence

He'd come back home, imagining
that everything would
be the same again.
But he had changed.

A tension dwelt there,
deep within his soul.
Nightmares stole into
unnerving nights that
never brought a feel
of rest.

Tossed within a turn,
the dream began.
And she was there -
so loving and so fair.

Healing warmth,
a touch of hand.
A never-ending kiss.
Motion into ecstasy.
How had he ever chosen
to just leave the bliss
of all she was behind...?

Cyclically, the seasons ran,
but somehow out of sync.
Confusion gained in power
over intellect's enlightenment.

He had it now - the power of wealth
was his. All that he had based
his life upon was a reality -
much more than just a dream.

But where, the meaning
that he'd felt with her...?
Time and space and place
were melting. Something
had gone wrong.

The songs that they had loved
become no more than misery.
Anger, blame and hatred
had become the cornerstone,
in realms unknown.
It felt as if the life he'd lived
had never really mattered.

It all had come to be
the feel of absence.
Even here, where home
was named a twisted

The Jones's never questioned
what he did. The house, the cars,
the wife and kids - throw in more -
some animals to tame.
Yet deep inside, his pride
abandoned him.

For in his heart
the feel of absence
tore him all apart...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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