Of All

Back and forth, the great extremes
are moving ever closer. Right and left,
and up and down, about to meet
just at a point of centering it all.

Keep on, keep on, until the scream
vibrates an eternity of sound. Look
around, and see the great vibrations
reeking havoc all around.

Paradox is never overcome.
It is the ever-movement of creation.
And yet, it doesn't have to lead
to war. For there is a secret place
of understanding in the heart.

It moves the mind just when
an over-balancing becomes
extremity. Swinging in great arcs,
it sweeps the hills and valleys clean.

Some call this power emotion, and
yet others call it love. Wantonly, the
many little minds chose to divide
it after all was said and done.

Yet love is moving to the fore again.
Generating evidence of yet a greater
wholeness to be reached. Expanding
views sweep past the past of
universal fact.

Mind begins to merge with matter.
Heart and soul are joining in.
The suffering was never meant to be.
Gently now, the love begins
the greatest healing...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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