Of Equality

Father, Son and Holy Ghost...
Why do you suppose the ghost
to be invisible...? Surely, life could
not exist without the spirit that indwells
within each individual composed of
flesh and blood. And then, how could
this spirit e'er assume a gender...?

Within the mists, the sufferance of
femininity lies waiting, gathering
the power necessary to live on.
Descriptions of this vital energy still
verge upon impossibility. It is neither
dark nor light, yet it exposes every
living color to our mortal eyes.
Formless, it is ever moving
just beyond the focused will
of every/any grasp.

The first, the last - we've delved for
endless explanations. The time has
come to understand the might of all
that lies between it all. Scientific
attitudes, progressed into no more than
just political survival as they grew in
popularity (and the misgivings of the
limitation of the poles still taken as the
truth - yet based on no more than the
many blind beliefs too many choose
to hold unto these days).

Well, hey, let's start another war - why not?
For is this not what our dead fathers taught
us all to do...? How dare we make a salient
change within that tapestry of ancient,
forlorn ancestry. No matter that the rituals
of incantation lost their magic long ago.
The unknown of the all that lies beyond
brings fear to us within these modern times;
and this, we never wish to feel at all
within the grossness of prosperity
they claim we live within.

Let's take the latest crisis and then turn
it into yet into another industry of greed.
Contagiously, the fear moves in and on.
What abyss lies there yet, within the chasm
in between the masculine and feminine, and
all those two words come to mean to us?
Nurture them, our sons - then come to bear
their miscreant, commercial death of deeper
meaning, growing in this days age, yes now -
even in our daughters. Emotion, thus incensed,
will ever feed back into the same old worn-out loops
and lead them to another war and death.
Too many of us come to find our death,
e'en now, within this errant looping of
such blind relationships.

It used to be that war and battle, only
settled itself one on one. Yet now, the
ordering of military minds has found
too many ways into the realm of mass
destruction. We all know this is true,
especially those of us forced to live through
the horror of atomic bombs and agent orange.
When will the voice be born that's strong enough
to speak the truth...? Without this, how will
all the strength and burden of our progeny
come to a place that we still fear to go -
and yet lives on, within the deepest,
hidden places of our being...?

Shall we continue to insist that yet another
generation feel the agony of this...? When
now, we are the force that might outnumber
the finality of war and pain of viscous death...?
Questions seeking answers - why did those
many deaths in the twin towers have to come
to be reality for us, to finally find our way into
that realm of questioning again?

We're told by those authorities and politicians,
that we ought to live our lives as if those many
lives lost in September didn't mean a thing -
but we know better, somewhere in the rising
tides of feelings that are crashing into all of
us, across the nation wide. Yet too, this battle
lies so individually inside each one of us, that
it seems as if no answer can be found. Kill the
terrorists, yet how will we e'er come to live
with ourselves as the creators of another
wave of mass destruction? Does it matter
that it happens in a country with another
name than ours?

Let us ask ourselves now, how one man
alone became so powerful within the
greater world. Could he have done this
if that hierarchy controlling all the systems
of our world did not exist? That pyramid
affect that we are warned against so often,
has proved to be more powerful than anyone
imagined, would you say? Oh my, just one
alone can really call himself the top priority
this way - is it not so...?

Yet every goal we strive for seems to lead
to that top spot of one alone and yet empowered,
as every derivation and contingency of that one
greed of power seeds itself within the popular
acceptance of a life as yet another competition,
so decreed - and so too many come to think that
it must be. And so, instead of seeking
complementary within the multitudes
of the extremities that life is based upon, we
simply battle on, one side against the other.

And so we pray, too ceaselessly,
to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Yet why do you suppose the ghost is
still invisible...? Surely, life built of all
the particles that Mother Earth has come
to be and thus conceived, could not exist
without the spirit that indwells within each
individual. Why do you suppose She chose this
composition of mere flesh and blood for her survival.
And how and why could Her eternal sprit
ever come to all this paradox of warring

And here the issues of equality, simply
must come into focus, reaching for
that feel of utter balance once again.
'Tis here the feel of love must enter into
each of us within reality - high and low,
the mental, and the sensuous still need
to meld and mesh within these realms
of our own heart and soul again. And
here it grows, a new configuration; reaching
still beyond all opposition for the truth
that only loving hearts can bring...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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