Oh Ecstasy!

Here, within the indigo of night, lies every shade
and hue of color that the morning light may bring
into the limitation of our sight. Shall we add a
touch of Southern heated spice into the coolness
of these northern climbs of being? And if we do,
what stories shall we come to tell of this?

Nights of passion opening into infinity, no less
than this. A feel of ecstasy that rides the skies
on waves of purity beyond the feel of bliss.
And it seems as if one kiss is all it ever took
to move our many surly moods to this. How
can any norm or law, repeated by a social
atmosphere of politics, e'er bring us to e'en
just one moment of this ever-opening into
infinity itself?

And we rise above the ruse of geometric
angles that bring only opposition into play,
as we ride the tides of purest being, in each
other's arms. Flesh to flesh, so many endless
chemicals begin to mesh into a unity. They
suggest a course of loving make-believe, to
come to be the form of our reality.

And ever shall we seek and strive to feel
this great propensity of love into our lives;
no matter all the rush and hurried attitudes
of other beings. For we are one in ways
that no one else has ever come to know,
riding on these tides of endless being. And
it matters not, who lies on top - for now we
come to fly beyond the clouds - oh, ecstasy!

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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