Once in a Lifetime

Once in a lifetime, this love can be true.
A moment that can be no less than everlasting.
It happened for us, for me and for you.
But then you went away - so utterly and
so completely, regaling in an attitude
you'd never worn with me before -
not when we loved.

Once in a lifetime, the mystery merges,
mistily within solidity. It seems a dream,
yet dreams are born within reality. Can't
you see...? Not even yet...? That all I ever
wanted left, the day you drove away, and
closed yourself, so far away from me.

I withered then. I changed. Deciding
that you were the bane of me. Yet still,
my heart cannot correct its beat. For you
were all the heat I never came to know before.
Sensuous, and yet surreal; the feel of you
was all I ever longed for in the long and
winding search for life and love.

Why was it that you brought this great
ambivalence of war to me? Could even this
become the meant to be? I wither, and I wander
on, not knowing what this weave's become. For
after all is said and done, there is no way that
I can live without you. There is no reasoning,
nor can there be a rational appeal, to what
we wrought together.

I've tried (too long, too hard) to understand
the greater powers you gave in to on demand.
Not once, but twice, then thrice (oh, was it
then the cock did crow within a moment of
betrayal...?). And you, who claim to not believe
in the many wanderings of those religions -
it was you who claimed their righteous rage
to be the right and strong. No matter all the pain
that was engaged by just the actions that you took
upon yourself (back in those fateful days, when
all you chose was to go back to empty ways,
of living life without the feel of love).

Truth be told, you fathom nothing, of the depths
of being.  So that, no matter all the understanding
you've been given - you choose to stand aside -
alone and unforgiven. How is that you thought
that just one touch, one look between our ever-
present eyes, would not suffice to bring you back
to me...? (Or is it that you really fear, just that?)

And so, I come back to survival. Basic instinct,
never set aside. And I abide, as best I'm able to,
(that isn't much these days) within, and yet without,
the touch - the utter feel of you. (Oh, how I miss
your presence in my life! But no, I cannot
tell you this,not now. Not in this ever-present
moment of your chosen absence.)

Once in a lifetime, the magic becomes real.
Oh, to feel it happening again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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