One Reality

Christmas was too hard for her
to contemplate this year. And so,
she disengaged herself from all its
many offerings of thoughtless gifts
(supposed to be of love - even though
this love was what she always needed
most of all). But it had to be real,
through and through, even now -
if ever she would find another
moment of that loving satiation.

Gently, mother nature answered all
her questioning; bringing a sure
slowness into this one season of
remembering. Easing her again
into that ever-after realm she used
to know. And it was here, within
the arms of mother earth, that she
had always found the strength to
just live on, no matter what the
multitude of others might decree.

Her destiny had always been unique.
Even now, the fates would not allow
the great sequestering he sought of
her within his virulence of strength,
that brought only denial of the heart.
She thanked the stars, that ever shone
so brightly in that healing of these, her
mortal eyes. Remembering again the
many times that she had come to aid
another, just when their lives seemed
an impossibility.

She grieved, and yet she smiled - all
at once; intuiting that even this great
pain induced within her, must move
on into another healing. Just then, a
numbing feeling overtook the pain
of endless suffering within her limbs.
And here, just here, she found her soul
again. As one-pointedly, the reality of
that one dream came real in her again.

She lay her head down, feeling the sweet
bliss of an angelic tenderness again, the
one that touched her lips and traveled
ever deeper into her (so lovingly), until
it found a way to bring its light into the
gloom and darkness still conceived within
the recesses that darkness seemed to hold;
yet still strove to give her all the strength
enlightenment could bring.

'Twas then that all the waiting came,
full-formed and lingering, coalescing into
something, something held e'en still within her -
in a splendor greater than the ones she'd
ever come to know before. For her
angel had come down again, into reality;
and caressingly, it stroked the silky,
softness of those fine tresses of her
hair, endowing it with all the brightness
of the ever-living sun again.

And it was then that all the endless
need she'd ever come to feel, became
a gathering - expanded in the mystery
of evolutionary tendency - and then, just then,
that love became her one reality again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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