One Tonight

Again and again, this feeling without end
(a whispered feel of destiny) redeems itself -
repeating in enchanting melodies within
the silence of these summer nights of
ever-living indigo. Can you hear it now...?
In winds that call for love of flesh on flesh
and thus of ecstasy again brought down
to this reality; for we are one tonight.

Sirens in abundance search those shores
of sandy climbs, for each of us who might
succumb to this, their ever call. Cerulean,
these dreaming memories of days of yore,
that drift in endless tides upon a golden
shore of evermore. And so we step (at
first just one small step) again into the icy
climbs that speak of endless starry nights
and warmth that comes of thee and I

Far, so far away they seem, those days
of endless stress and love's denial; for still
we dream eternal dreams of destiny -
arriving yet again, just at that moment when
we feel this life must break into another
round of endless shards of glass. And yet,
within the bubbles of our dreams, there
lies a centered hope of crystal make-believe.
Alive and scintillating; never quite escaping
the forced and phony games we play within
the light of days that seem to just repeat
themselves without a variation.

Uni, only - one and only ever love -
dream of every dream come true;
come to me within this night of ever-living
love come real once more. Revisit
these so lonely memories, that love might
stream through flesh once more
and so within my heart that longs for
just one touch or your sweet love again.

Somehow though, I feel a greater need -
that which calls me always yet to rise
above and travel deep within
what most would think extraordinary;
and always am I bid to answer - no matter
feelings thus imposed in time and space
and form. For ever must we be reborn;
particle by particle - as cell to cell we
recreate the harmony of yore that calls
all future into form.

Thus I reach into a distance that I've
never known before; just trusting that
I'm where I need to be. I swear I hear
the gossamer of angels' wings - as soul
ascends into these heights that once
again descend into ascent. And I
must facet this, again alone within
the world of mortal men and their
ingrained intelligence - this point beyond
even that which they have called insanity.

For never has this realm been named, in truth.
Spirit's essence of all sexuality, come meet
with me again this night; for I have traveled
far and wide to find thee once again. My need
is great, yet greater still, the crystal hues of
love's great healing power.  And somehow, it
must amend the many attitudes of a past so full
of strained and stressful interludes
of moody loneliness. Gold and silver
melt into a newly born metallic glimmer
of all essence, as streams of melody
run on within electric lines that reach and touch
and teach so much to each of us that dares
to listen in those ways too seldom taught within
these days and times of ours.

For intellect arose too far, too fast, as socialism
of the past began to fade into a misty memory
of times and places long since dead and gone;
and information grows in streams of never
ending meaningless - yet still somehow, we
listen. What shall we choose to learn on this -
this night of nights...? There is belief that's
born of heritage and ancestry; but then again,
there comes a time in every life when one must
rise and stand against the preset norms of each
society - for win or lose, we have a destiny.

Rush, oh rush, of freedom falling, as the winds
of time reach for these heights beyond belief.
As again and again, these feelings without end
redeem themselves - repeating an enchanting
melody that sings so boldly through the air
tonight. Can you hear it now...? In winds
that call for love of flesh on flesh; and thus
of ecstasy again brought down to this reality;
for we are one tonight, and thus become
the essence of love's sweet infinity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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