One With the Dark

And so, the feminine began to weave another
loving tapestry into their dreams. Atlantis rising,
once again, to breathe the air of ancient dreams
in them. Velvet green, the sweep of grassy
sunlit hill and vale. The high and low still
seek the love that flows through only this,
the relativity of all that lies between.

Dusk became a starlit sweep of undulating indigo.
A hush fell down within the sound of ever-blowing
wind. And mind became an utter snowy stillness,
moving muscles far beyond all will. The moon
was full; the trail ablaze within a darkness of its
glowing gathering. Yet she climbed on, for still
there was the wind to live and breathe; and
all that she could see filled her with awe.

'Twas then the wind blew in the clouds to cover
over all the light of moon and glowing stars. Inky
blackness gathered and enveloped everything. She
cried for help, again and then again. Alas, there
was no answering note - the rushing stream
had filled the wind with echoing, absorbing
every other sound around. The time had come
and this was destiny - reaching out, the dark and
she became just one that night. And the mountains
became everything she was or hoped to be.

The world was spinning round and round,
and so was she. The mountain, in its constancy,
began to pull her down. For years she tried to
break its mighty spell. But she was bound
within the darkness by a force too great to
break. And there she stayed, small candle
of a spirit flickering within the vastness of
the mountain's earthen cave.

Whispering - what voices these that spoke
to her without the use of words? "Lost souls,"
the wind responded in a sigh. Lost so long
ago within the dark that just a little spark
of light seemed like the sunshine burning
bright to them; and her soul no more than
just an offering consumed. 'Twas only
when the many voices slept that she
could dream. And then, that she began
to weave the little light she had. She
did not know they watched her even then.

Deeper still, she reached within; reeling
in a state of dizziness. Something other
in the dark upheld her even then, and
feelings came from deep within the earth.
Enchantingly, they stole their way into a
blending with the light, creating hues
of splendid color in a swirling affect.

Yes, upheld - and being lifted. Were those
hands she felt that touched her tenderly?
And oh, the strength that came to her from
every tenderness. It blew through her,
more forceful than the wind. And every
thing began to change this way, within
an ever growing chain of living being.
Cell by living cell, the lighted mists began
to grow into a tapestry of death-defying

Reaching past the highest peak, she flew into
angelic realms again - even as she fell into
his kiss....

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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