On Into Infinity

Friends may come and friends may go,
yet love remains to guide each step
we take along the way - endless now,
the chances given us, to live this song
of life in growing variations of one theme;
and this theme of love is everything that is.

It builds itself in realms that lie beyond
the comprehension of the tunneled vision
most of us have learned. Even modes of
purely intellectual incarceration cannot
slow or stop its living aptitude for evolution;
for here we move beyond the bordered
realms of even dreams.

As we find a way to move beyond
those many junctures of the play of
minds that seek control. Critical, the
need of living earth, that we receive
these feelings of her heartfelt wisdom.
And more than just receive, but find
a way to give them out again,
as in her cyclic, ever-spinning nature,
she seeks again and then again
to blend her love into society.

Ancient and new and ever-evolving;
the love of her life ever blossoms among
the tried and the staid that must change.
We seek to find those tears of utter joy
as they fall tenderly into the warmth of
her embrace again; held in a never-ending
flow of moisture found within the glow of
loving light divine. Treacherous, this climb
at times, as altitudes experience reality
through each and every breath we take.

Yet oh, the pure plethora of delight
that streams in us each time we rediscover
the feel of this forever love in flesh.
Simultaneous, the feel of strength that comes
of a surrendering to loving ways again;
as we allow ourselves to be, just be
this love that conquers every opposition
and find within all separation, a sense
of loving unity with all that is.

Incense burning, senses reeling,
rhythm beating endlessly in sync
with altering tides of oceanic waves,
even as the wind decides to dry
the moisture gathering upon our skin.
Every cell is opening - compounding
and astounding even vast imagination
as this endless fascination enters into
this reality again and yet again.

For here, within these living planes of
all that's in between, sensations of this
love still come to permeate the feel of
everything within the timelessness
of its experience. Just here, within these cells
of flesh we have become, we reach
and come to know the whole; for love
is all-encompassing and undivided,
and the universe sings out in tune
with every touch of living ecstasy.

Intimately, every breath exposes
every uttered sound of bliss - as eternally
this kiss keeps moving on into forever.
Fire rises, uncontrolled, and fantasy
again takes hold of our imagination; and
oh, the scent as incense burns its way
into these sacred interludes, so gently
and pervasively infatuating, that the fall
becomes a glide upon pure currents
of a clarity of air.

We are past the point of no return;
for never can mere memory relive
itself like this. And no matter how
we seek to find the comfort of the old again;
these feelings will intrude in an unending
stream of moodiness, until we turn around
and seek this love to be reality
within our lives again.

Friends may come
and friends may go,
but oh, this love
lives on into infinity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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