Opening To Soul

I'm tired of the ordinary; bored
by all the commonplace. I want
to fly on wings of grace again;
before I suffocate from lack of air.

Awakening before the dawn; I
watch the indigo surrender; while
feelings of the innocence of
childhood arise, when for the
first time, sunrise became
imminence itself. Tint of pink
upon the far horizon, just as
the blue comes into view again.
Slowly, surely, golden streaks
of glory come to move the night
into a another day.

Too many people live in fear
of darkness. Illusions veil the
happiest of moments they might
find; if only they would rest
their weary minds. Information
overload is much like a disease.
Not knowing can be comforting
indeed, when living in a sense of
our unknowingness allows an
alteration in the path of self-

To look at clouds and see a
tapestry instead of storms that
might come down; to catch the
breeze in giggling melodies. To
feel the rain upon our skin, oh
living grace upon an upturned
face! To skip instead of jogging
to exhaustion; to race just for
the pleasure of pure speed.

To move and breathe, and realize
how blessed we are to witness
this great mystery of life, just then
the flight of heights becomes our
own. White mist into a purple haze,
we float into another day, opening
our soul to living light....

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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