Page of White

Page of white, accept my plea
Become a living history
of all that we experience
Good and bad, the right and wrong
Ecstasy of summer's song
Sunny days and starry nights
And too, the storm of passing flight

Page of white, no judgment here
Just words of feeling, pure and clear
Unraveling the attitudes of past
Here, just where the last
of our defenses must dissolve
We seek to find the meaning
growing deep within the soul

Page of white, a crystal hue
A beam of light now passing through
the facets of a great and sparkling crystal
Hues of mood that change and blend
Shades of blue, a lilac trend
Red so bright it turns the head
Every mood, a tincture of just you

Page of white, the density of ink
Understanding on the brink
of every feel of energy in motion
Up and down, the left, the right
Centered in the dead of night
A vision grows to compliment
the emptiness of thee.

Page of white, e'er beckoning
The truth of trees that live into forever
Light, playful games that bear
no win or loss - for just a toss, a turn,
a wind - and everything is new.
Reaching deep, into your heart,
the world keeps turning on.

Page of white, the sight, the sound
Circle squared into a round
An emptiness of soulful need
as black and white begin to bleed
becoming so much more than
merely endless shades of gray
Rainbow glory, grace of all infinity

Here - white on white -
all shadows can express
themselves at last...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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