Reach for Living Light

They moved as one and reached
for living light. It felt like flight, so
easy and so free. But then a great
disharmony began to grow between.

For each had seen the light and
sought to order it into a singular
and half-evolved misunderstanding
of themselves alone.

As if a boundary had built itself
somehow within and of pure being.
No longer looking with the eyes
that bring all unity to being, their
spirits somehow seemed to shrink
away. Even as they played the roles
that got them through the days.

Night would fall, and stars blink out.
The moon became a silver sliver,
fading out of sight. Ill at ease, the
clouds began to gather for another
rising storm.

They still believed that to be born
meant pain and suffering and separation.
No matter that the spring was so alive
with living warmth and energy. Where
then, that very first enlightenment?

There, just at the center of it all, without
a thought of yesterday or a tomorrow.
Knowing all without a chain of thought
to bind them in. Visionary mysticism
rending all the many veils of mind.

Peaks and valleys rose and fell as if
within a magic spell of soul. And all
the oceans swelled within one deep
and lasting breath of all that's fresh.

Was it illusion, that real feel of ecstasy?
Or could it be attained again - forever?
To move as one and reach to touch
the living light of all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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