Reach Until You Touch

Duped by god, the devil and the saints.
Wandering in listless lands where
heartbeats become faint.
Visions rise and fall apart,
yet never become real.

Ancient memories survive, but
lack a sense of life - pain and
pleasure, subdivided there between
the many, endless lines of the approved
opprobrium. While joy of love
(we used to know the feel of
that once, didn't we?) has spun
its weary way into another realm,
perhaps that place where angels
always roam.

Withered, dry, the alibis of all our
old beliefs are turned to yet another
build-up of the sickness born of
this disease. Stuck, as if our feet
were sunk in mud, we reach and yet
we cannot find a way to just keep
moving on. Yet here, degeneration
has become the only seed that seems
to grow.

Burning, turning, crumbling to ash, the
past of all that used to be, conceived as
our continuance. The towers crash and
melt and meld into no more than rubble.
The bubble we once lived in has been
popped. The walls of that protection
faded singularly into a great and streaming
mist of apathy.

The hours turn and days move on.
Stoically, we still pretend that everything
remains the same as all that used to be.
While there, just at the corner of all
eyes, another spirit crying out for
vengeance takes its stand; howling
the great significance of the injustice
of it all.

We rise, we fall into the maw of the
most unforgiving deity of all. And so
our soul tries yet again to draw
attention to itself. How have we
come to just this point of the denial
of this essence? When here lies
all the meaning that might lift us
once again back into love.

And all is not all right. We can't deny
this salient fact forever. We are
here - just at the point when right
and wrong become no more
than just another passing shade
of gloomy gray. Even all the beautiful
is losing its appeal more swiftly
than the whole of us can hope
now to amend.

(Reach until you touch the very
center of it all.) And so we send
another heartfelt wish into that
universal being - lead us once
again into the life that only
love can bring...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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