The world had forgotten
she existed. Invisibly, she
walked through life alone.
Seen as no more than just an
apparition; she couldn't seem
to make a difference there,
not any more.

It had all become a twisted
mess inside of her. A year
and more, she'd spent, just
tending to the knots that had
become what once portrayed
the sense and shape of who
she really was.

Silence ringing hollowly within
the rounds of her confinement.
Ostentatiously, he'd played the
many games that hurt her so.
Slowly, all too slowly, she would
come to trust herself again,
she must.

Dark and murky shadows were
enveloping those once-bright
memories. As if magnetized,
they made their way back home.
Melting, melting, steaming heat
began the opening; pores vivifying
all that she was not. Long denied,
the utter validation of her life
had now begun.

She'd come too close and run
too fast and hard not to believe.
The night was falling tenderly
around her. Stars and moon
become a symphony. Glimmering
and glittering and whispering her
name. And she was free...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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