Ride the Waves

Riding the waves of the music that's playing,
becoming just that - essential flow born in and
of a rarity of song within an ecstasy of living,
loving motion. It rises and it swells; repeating
in an afterglow of every heart that beats itself
within a strength of symmetry.

Have you ever felt a symphony, that blossomed
somehow deep inside your being...? And reached
with all you are to then become that beauty felt
felt within this life. And too, just when
that love song that you always felt as true
plays on and opens up your heart and soul,
and you fly into yet another moment
of creative inspiration.

The feel of wings, the joy of flight - wind whistling
through all of life in sheer delight. Gliding in a
stratosphere so free that we become a feather
in an awesome set of angel's wing. It never matters
here, a name pre-given - all that matters is
the feel of love that flows through everything
that is or was or has yet come to be.

Miracle of touch that seems so new when felt
within each cell of flesh. Love so fresh and newly
born, 'tis as if the bounty of a springtime morn
had come to play within the winter of our lives -
its warmth outliving every flake of snow or patch
of ice. More poignantly than ever felt before,
this love of ours must come to be, outdistancing
the bounds and bonds of every law and all legality -
beyond the dying vows of just a youthful sense of
life's exuberance - we are this love.

And ever shall we be these words that spring of
love's eternal flows - the poets and the lovers, the
bards and all the singers of past centuries of being.
We are these too. Forevermore, we seekers of
the meaning of all life itself, speaking out of how
it feels to ride these waves of love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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