Rivers Run

As rivers run forever into oceanic tides,
so too does love abide in every flow
of life that dares to rise through the moisture
of this earth's capacity for loving creativity.
Primitive, yet so compelling; infamous, and
ever dwelling in the memories of all humanity;
it flows, it streams, it dreams itself into
the meaning of our lives. Even as each
lover thought of, as the past in linear lines,
arises once again to reach a newly bidden
peak of bliss in us.

Deep, so deep - those strings of DNA. Deeper
than the letters man has made within unfeeling
mechanisms, that can do more than just explain
in words, the great emotion of sensation. They
seem to miss this one theme hearts forever
dream about - one love come true
in flesh and form and feel.

Just as one spirit dares to reach and touch and
thus become another stream that vibrates with
each loving touch of our togetherness. It lifts us,
even as we fall into each other; riding high above
within a stream so deep that all ideas of extremity
and opposition must dissolve within its
flows of greater being.

Always, will these rivers run in us. For never can
we leave behind the feeling of instinctual devotion.
No matter spans of time when other thoughts of
separate things just seemed to lead to no more than
division. For here, beyond all comprehension, the
multiples will grow into this shrinking of all
multitudes. And here, just here, where rivers
of this love rush round another bend, the sands
of time must bow and bend again as tides arise
to blend the ancient with the new, and fantasy
is touched by all the colors of love's dreams
come true again and then again, ad infinitum...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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