Ascending in a journey up the mountain -
steep and hard the climb. Five miles long
and more - then the descent, that sent her
crashing into shores of shale and sand
that wounded all that she had been.
She trusted that he loved her well,
in ways that spoke the other side
of greedy needs and endless deeds,
for he had told her that it would be so.

And oh, her heart and soul and energy
were honed for that. Hope become a
rushing stream of loving, healing imagery
within her. But then some part of him
seemed to regress into the emptiness again.
And all that spoke of love within the distance,
never quite would bloom in full - inside
his weary heart.

And so, the stone was split again - in so
much more than quarters. As his alchemy
resumed the rue of all he'd never found -
a way to be within himself in continuity.
She suffered, then, so secretly,
within a pain that never should have
been in her at all.

Yet his blindfold came to shelter him
within a great abundance once again.
And never did he pay his feelings heed.
Surprisingly, that greater need,
the one that never let him sleep, kept
coming back in haunting memories.

Alas, he put it off too long, and failed
to take a stand for love. And then,
his life became a stream of really
nothing more than clone-like movement.
Never did he find his love again.
Beyond the care of his own heart,
he sacrificed his Soror Mystica
upon a banal greed that never
could be satisfied at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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