Spiraling this way, the in and out
became the same; hazily, the maze
went on and on, bending in and out
upon itself. Freedom lay beyond its
boundaries and borders of illusion.
He used to know his way to breeze
right through its corridors, yet now the
route had changed too desperately.

Decades came and went as he was
searching for the center of it all, mapping
eccentricities with every step he took.
Yet being in the center of it all, he felt
as if the circle had in secret, just been
closing in on him. Grandiose, at first
he'd thought himself much better than
the rest. And yet from here, perception
came to rest on many other points
of view.

He'd settled in, believing this to be
eternity. Until he heard the clock
strike ten again, amid a clutter of
an echoing of voices stirring. Startled
out of meditation, cogs and wheels
began to shift and bend out of
proportion, distorted by unending
lapses, felt and yet surreal.

Slowly then, a greater need began
to grow inside of him. In earnest
now, he sought his way around
another bend - blind belief the
only hold that he had left upon
reality. Even all his many games
of mind were useless here; he
simply couldn't find a way to just
escape himself this time around.

The maze had grown, beyond
his expectations. Snarled branches
hid the thorns, but every slight
misstep brought only pain. Endlessly,
a phrase would echo out and through
the only life he knew: "My God,
my God! Why hast thou forsaken
me again...?"

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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