Sense of Touch

Healing, within a touch of hand;
gently beckoning a great arousal.
Then the lips, how sweet the kiss,
of angels' inspiration. Hear it now,
the voices singing, in the ever
ceaseless winds of love.

Hearts blossoming just as the
majesty of choirs echo in eternity.
Just you and I and endless waking
skies. Warm - the flush of flesh
in blush; bright the ever changing
light of eyes that are forever
in reflection.

Satin soft, like early morning dew
upon the grass; formation of the lips
that say I do within a movement
of the hips. Here, within the sacristy,
we come to heal each other. Blessed
by every deity and more.

For here, all blessing concentrates itself
within we two. Moving time and space
within an uttered feel of all the ecstasy
this flesh of form can be. Here, we find
the meaning and the worth of every
sacrifice, beyond what our society
deems right.

Come, Beloved, enter into me, that we
may feel the greatest bliss of our reality.
Sunlight dancing through each move
we make. Love abounding, silence
never sounding so alive. Touch -
and let the healing begin...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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