Setting of Majesty

The sun sets differently somehow, when
you are not around. Where once I felt an
awe of magic wonder in the love of everything,
now somehow tears begin to stream, for every
sight and sound and touch we shared, still haunts
me in a sense of so much more than memory.

I stretch and seek to reach beyond the heights
where we first met, and yet I find I cannot climb
alone, not any more. For I have stood for far too
long alone against the greater powers of this world;
and I simply cannot find a way to shake the blues
of moodiness away, not even now. And still, I can't
conceive a way that you would choose to walk away
from all the love we shared in ecstasy.

I tell myself that I must face the facts; and factually,
you aren't here at all and have not been in quite a
while, yet still I feel you reaching out to me. While
certain spells and incantations speak beneath
the words you offer me, and these have been too
many and too oft' abused - here within this life
that I have led - hypnotic in their sublimation,
seeking entrance into mortal minds that choose
to still believe in love itself. Dazzling within a sense
that one might almost call a reverence of artistry;
and yet these spells have proved themselves unreal.
For the one and only real that we can ever know
is love itself; while any other explanation simply
seeks to prove this love does not exist within our
living flesh.

I tired, long ago (within your sense of time and
distant interludes), of such manipulations; and still,
my heart and soul demand an understanding of it
all, for my love keeps flowing in and through this
flesh that I alone have come to be. And so I come
to stand yet once again within this realm of utter
dreams, about to enter into this reality again. Yet
now, an alteration must succeed within the many
variations brought about by stars that ever shine
and move within an indigo of deeply tinted blues
that endlessly repeat themselves in lighted hues
of ecstasy in evolution.

And oh, this lighted indigo can heal every
sensory misapprehension; as if a quantum leap
had reached a peak within sensational appeal.
One heart, so individual and yet so universal;
alive and beating rhythms of eternity into
these lives of ordinary majesty of form. As one
by one by one, we are e'er again reborn (and yet
remain, somehow, just who we ever were and
always will be meant to be).

Love, oh love, again I must surrender every
thought of wanted willingness to thee - for surely
you outshine the brightest light that mortal eyes
have yet perceived. At times this spirit sight becomes
so unbelievably complete, that all I wish or will
or want is this: a newborn hope of love divine
that shines and shines because this flesh has
come into this state of being (as reality expands
itself, exponentially, through every cell we dare
to feel alive - for love is here).

Here within unaltered dreams, still seeking our
acknowledgment. And so the world revolves
beyond the wheels and deals of even those who
dare to claim a power over all she's come to be.
and so I catch another breath of purity within
the source of this, the very atmosphere I breathe.
Even as I capture yet another holographic image
of pure beauty that becomes us all, in just one
point of setting, when the sun bequeaths the light
of living majesty to darkness once again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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