Sexual Revolution

It came and it went.
It bloomed and it died.
Seldom has it overcome
the many alibis.

Never quite involved enough,
the heart was left on hold.
And in the end, the barriers
were never quite let down.
How then, the laws that claim
that everything an other is
must come to live within...?

Especially at that point in time,
another moment now - when
all that is essential in our lives -
rises up and speaks for us,
beyond the social will and want
of couples in society.

And here it is, that love will not
be flaunted - at the level of essential.
So much more than just a mental
attitude that seeks survival.

Love lives beyond the little fears;
to heal the wounds of past and
future, within an ever living
moment of completion.

Follow your heart,
the truth must be told -
and more than told,
our hearts announce
its need within the whole
of our reality.

It came and it went.
It bloomed and it died.
The sexual of revolution.
Seldom, if at all, has it overcome
the many alibis of intellect.

For the answers lie yet higher still -
within the realms that ever knew
the secrets of all heart...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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