Shadowed Solitude

Love them as you hate them.
Be gentle in your cruelty.
Steamy, moist - the fire comes
to melt the burdened ice.

Scream that silent scream out loud.
Vaporize, become a cloud.
Misty maze, a million channels,
never compromised.

Listen to the light fantastic,
sparkling in attitude.
Terrorize the great, majestic
misery of all your moods.

Emerging life to pain to death
to magic afterbirth. Slithering,
the snake oil streams between
the digits grasping.

Never, never let them know
just what it is you really feel.
Unnamed, it must remain
a mystery.

Love them as you hate them.
Be gentle in the lingering of all
your cruelty. The fire burns
to melt the burdened ice.

Numbness turns to agony.
The mind is blind, it cannot
feel the truth when it is focused
on the trivia of youth.

Sensory, the great perceptions,
closing in again. Run and hide,
you cannot hope to ever turn
the tide of who you are.

Young, decrepit, weak and strong.
No matter what, just go along.
Let them have their way with you.
They'll never know just what you do -
there in the shadowed solitude -

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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