Sight of Nothingness

Look in the mirror, and see all the faces
blending and melting; shimmering, as eyes
begin to focus on a nothingness so bright
it hypnotizes. Feel the possibilities unfolding
within you. Newly written myths expanding,
come from out of time or space.

Grace or a mirage of miracles? It matters
not, for it is real, and it is there in you. The angel
and the devil play together and a symphony
is born. A beastliness of beauty just dissolves
in harmony. Gold and silver glimmer from
the lighted candle sticks; wax evolving to
a simple airy nothingness.

Uncompromised, the nothingness begins
to speak its tale. Streams of healing energy
run through the universe. Opening, we
draw them down into the known of our
reality. Nothing can remain the same,
not then. Particles of dancing light
encompassing each point of living air.

Even there, within the darkened room
of utter being, a sense of wonderment
begins to dawn. It is as if a smile
reaches up from some deep abyss
of all heart. A hush, a pause, and then
the symphony begins to play itself alive.
For the mirror, at last, has seen itself

Nothing can compete with one true view
of all that is. Just feel the nothingness,
and you will see...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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