So Beautiful

Angels gather round a child, for every
soul that's born begins its flight in realms
of heaven, bent on a deliverance of
grace and understanding. Reaching
past the pain each birth can bring.
(Beginnings always feel so beautiful.)

Child divine, oh miracle of miracles.
What will you choose to grow to be?
Intense, the future focus that the
mortal world can bring. While here,
within a tiny form, the world is reborn
in just an instant.
(Beginnings always feel so beautiful.)

(Oh no, you must not tarry there,
within the temple of the wise! You
are too young to understand it all.
No, don't speak, the young are made
to only listen. Blessed be! Those wise
old men are truly listening! How can
this be? When you are still a child...
Beginnings always feel so beautiful.)

Your gentle words took on the power
of all thundering. In awe, your parents
stood and took it in. So little then, so
quickly passing, all that time of family
unity, while you stood so strong, just
where you had to be in any given moment.
Astounding, that capacity to know
the meant to be.
(Beginnings always feel so beautiful.)

Swiftly, time sped by, as slowly you
became embodied in the greater power
of your growing innocence, now flowering
and flowing into life amid the many. The
day you left, a graciousness came over
all that must be left behind - this was your
gift. Freely then, you took your leave,
to travel all the winding roads of life.
(Beginnings always feel so beautiful.)

Ending to begin again, the cycles of
completion. Birth to death to birth
again (ad infinitum).
Beginnings always feel so beautiful...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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