Starlit Dewdrops

Oh soft, sweet feel of dew upon my feet;
awakening again emotions rising from the deep
to heights of all divinity. How lovingly and longingly
I've missed your gentle and erotic kiss upon
this flesh. Oh goddess earth, I'm blessed to feel
your loving touch again, and live within these
timeless realms of utter being. For I have
traveled in those realms of man's belief in
fiery hells too many times.

Nonplused, I watch their demons rise and fall
within an instance that will come to mean
no more than just their empty dreams of dark,
unending voids. Yet now I know (beyond all
mortal doubt) that this, your bliss of ecstasy is
is real. For I have delved and dived and
re-ascended from abysmal depths, where
evil seems to hide in every shadowed corner -
and find you shine yet still, in just one gaze of
eyes into your starry wonderment - true essence
of enlightenment itself.

And I know, beyond all doubt, that all these
many words of souls' expression, ever echo
in and out of lives for too long lived in the
suppression of your natural tendencies. As
instinctually, I reach again (is this the first
or last of myriad counts?) for all I've ever
felt of truth itself; and you are here within
this feel of soft, sweet dew upon my feet,
as I flow again into your living realms of
sweet, complete surrender to sensation -
into your love of life in open-hearted symmetries
that synchronize this dance of awesome
beauty ever moving for another touch of love;
here within your tapestry of life's eternity,
weaving ever new designs of creativity
into the dew-drops of your starlit net divine...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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