Star of Bethlehem

A lightening burst - oh, endless star
of Bethlehem, come shine within
the dark of mind again; for on this night
divinity is born - this time of female
form and shape. There is no pain, for
she remains the one and only verity
of life come to behold itself within
light's vast totality.

She is pure consciousness now overflowing
into everything that is. She is the sense and
sweet sensation lovers always bring. Yet she
is more than any mortal mind has yet to bring
into conception. Sparrows sweetly sing at her
bequest. The moon and stars light up the
nighttime skies just to appease her loneliness.
In her, an endless longing finally finds its turning
point; for she has come to heal it all at last.

No sacrificial lamb upon an alter carved of stone
will shed its blood. No wispy state of make-believe
arises beyond this, the unity inspired by the form
and fact of her existence. Her name is ever-forming
in the syllables we speak - Gaia, Maia, Mater, Mother,
Earth - Tao of all living worth.  No recognition
by a common name will ever do.  For in
the perseverance of her strength and character,
all life is born in an experience of truth.
Alive and ever-growing beyond microscopic
mini-scapes of particles that live her ever-giving life
in motion.

Infinity bows down to shape and form when she
appears in all the splendor of a single inspiration
drawing near - created by a particle of all that
she has come to be: this living love of all reality.
And so she waits, still incubating yet another seed,
in the power of her awesome creativity - in just
one star that lights the way within a misty breeze,
and she grants the power of life this quality,
of love - that ever simply comes to one experience
of pure reality - and she will always be the source
of earth and air and fire that reigns invisibly within
a soft and gentle glow of light come yet again to quell
those oceanic swells of our emotion. Eternally, She
is the entity that will outshine them all (within the
subtle, sultry glow of all reality)...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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