Sultry Summer Nights

The sun is setting o'er the trees in
symmetry with sultry summer nights
of memory; branches swaying slightly
in a breeze that blows again as if our
time apart had never been at all. The
sparrows sing sweet coming home again,
settling at heights where home was
always meant to be.

These rooms, the very atmosphere I breathe
that once seemed full of love becomes
an empty place and space where time
decides to drag its heels now. And yet,
we wilt and melt again into those happy
reveries of used to be. Do you remember
how it used to feel with us...? Love flowing
through the many cracks and crevices of
hardened workday worlds, that softened
somehow when this love was here.

Yet still I must remind myself, that it has
been a year and more of promises unkept
by you. And then again, those memories
of when you left sneak in to break the spell.
For whatever love might now amend,
the truth will ever dwell in memory,
of good and bad, and happy/sad,
and too - of usery.

Time passes by, and sultry summer nights
can set my body aching for a touch of loving
hands again; and yet I know these memories
of you and I together, will never be the answer
to my dreams. For your priorities lie bent
and broken; there in empty days still left
unspoken. Your soul is screaming silently
into the air tonight, yet still you will not listen.

I seek again and find expression
in the nature of all life and love;
blessed again to feel and see this love
surrounding me - sun setting o'er the trees
in symmetry with sultry summer
nights e'er made for love.

And here, one friendly touch
uplifts my soul, to fly again
within this spirit of all bliss
in just one loving touch
of revelation...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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