Sweet Infinity

Everything has changed; even though
it all remains the same, when seen
through eyes whose focus ever alters.
At times, we stumble, falter, on these
paths of our return.

The gentle and the strong unite, this
time in harmony; as voices sing an old,
familiar song, just newly named. We live,
we die; we laugh, we cry; we crawl, we
walk; we ride it high - there just before
the dive. And then we float, mere
bubbles rising in a place that seems
remotely real.

Then comes the time when we discover
a way to spread our wings and fly, and
oh, the feel of gliding up on high! Where
currents of pure air still sing enchanting
lullabies. Once seen from here, our
world view just cannot stay the same,
no matter that we wish it all to just
remain a place of surety.

We learn to land without a crash, yet
now a fire burns so deep inside, that
every utterance becomes a raging
flame that cries for yet another, higher
flight. (Have you yet become that star
within the skies that bears your name?
They shine beyond the thrills of mortal fame.

Glimmering, a touch of light has
entered into you. Glittering, the jewel
of your heart takes on the hues of
living love. Something greater than
all stars is guiding us to this. And we
have felt its poignant kiss forever,
whispering in stillness just before
the winds arise. Dawning at that time
before the sun has touched the skies.

Here within the womb of all creative
tendencies, potential seeds of newborn
life abide, regenerating generations
of immortal life. A constancy of ever
changing hues of all imagined color;
where living spheres become much more
than any circle might discover of itself.

Strange and yet familiar; awesomely,
our spirits become one within a weave
of light and dark - oh, love!
This sweet infinity of life...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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