The Dance of Love

So much more than merely movement.
Utterly beyond the frills of stage.
Higher, deeper, wider yet,
this love that we all seek.

Icy cold, the heat of fire reaches
into everything that is, affecting so
much more than only physicality.
Affect begins to build into effects
that are innumerable by mortal
standards of belief.

Uttered words of love become the
promises of all tomorrows here.
Intimate and sacrosanct - divine,
the fire burning in our hearts.
Even now, amid the ashes
of an anguished, awful fire -
a phoenix born, begins another
round of great reform.

And never does it end, this
love of life within our evolution.
No matter source, or planned
direction, we tread the pathways
of our lives within a sphere,
a glow of great protection,
that ever leads us where we
need to be.

We linger, yet we always must
move on. For something ever
deep inside, insists it must be so.
And this something knows that
height alone can never be enough,
for life is lived in love just in between
the height and width and depth
of everything that we can see.

Centered, and yet never quite a point.
Balanced, and yet ever moving -
back and forth and up and down.
The square contained within a round
of motion become ecstasy in freedom.
Free to give and free to take, yet
always in a tender, loving way.

Smoothing over all the many
sharp and deadly edges.
An arching point surpassing
mortal mind's belief - yet real.
For in it is the feel of ecstasy
that never ends. Why do so many
seek without, for all the love
they might create within...?

In and out - the deep, the high -
spread it out and know the tides
of loving life made real. The
beginning and the end reside
in you - within your ever beating
heart so true.

So dance the dance of love again,
and seek the whirl and the spin
that comes to you in so much more
than movements of your limbs.
For even as you sleep and dream,
this love is coming true. And truly,
is it up to you, to keep it moving on...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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