The Great Unknown

They're all finally sleeping, the hour
is nigh, for dreaming and reaping
rewards in the sky. White sands
upon a wind-swept beach; the
telephone just out of reach.

Gentle waves are rushing in;
starlight singing an enchanting
melody. And we are free to
love again. No manmade rules
or social obligations to be
followed. Just you and I, and
sand and sky - salty waters
running o'er our skin.

Do you remember way back
when...? Anticipation haunting
every moment of sensation that
we lived, back then before we
met within the flesh. Somehow
the stars shone brighter then.
Why did the world have to come
and stand between we two?

There is no explanation, only
manmade alibis, to tell the tale
of why you went away. I found
my way back to the shore again.
Sands gleaming in white golden
tones for me alone this time. It
will never be the same again,
not now.

The starlight sings to me upon
an endless living breeze; comforting
and easing all the pain. A sigh, a tear,
a toast to yet another year arriving,
knowing only that I travel on into
the great unknown again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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