The Happening

The silence speaks a high pitched hum.
Vibrations rise into one centered point
of vast perception - and here the healing
yet begins to sing. Windswept vistas
moving on; images within the sun.
Anchored here, we make a new beginning.

Sunset came, the night fell hard;
daybreak was no more than shards
of what we used to be. Particles of
swirling dust, heaped upon the
concrete blocks. Instruments amid
the body parts. Help come - not long
before the hampering of rain
that fell too fast.

Great vibrations moving out.
As if a scream of fear and rage
were howling in indignity of death
that never had to be.
Echoes whispering their endless
dying screams of pain - pouring
through electric life that always
moves too fast. Daddy couldn't
save us, after all.

Shock and sorrow. Grief enraged.
Their screams have masked another
age of being. Battles fought, explosives
brought in ever greater quantities. Tiny
chips to detonate societies torn into
such extremes. Another age, another war.
Battlefields scorched with gore. Will we
ever find that feel of peace again?

A valley lies within the deep, where peace
is born of endless dreams that sleep
themselves awake. A crystal castle,
glistening, within the tantalizing rays
of warm and sunlit days. At night,
the stars bow down in awe to reach
the opening.

Wildflowers scent the air. Ancient trees
are full-leafed here. Seasons gently come
and go, within a small degree of gentle change.
There is no need to rearrange it here.
Innocence of doe-like eyes - newly born
yet ever wise. Life is always worth
another surge of love in living.
Asleep, awake - the ever-beating heart
of life - lives on...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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