The Lion Roars

The lion roars and beasts are stopped
within their hidden lairs. Breath withheld,
they dwell in just that moment in between.
There, where utter stillness echoes out
within a shock of hidden fear.

An instant just before adrenaline can come
to aid an overcoming of instinctual distraction.
Chemical reactions set in motion by a tone.
How mystical, this matter that we are.
Here, the bubble of our known reality
will burst into another realm of life.

Behold, the souls that glow beyond
the world of every day. Watch the
children laugh and play within this
world of dreams. When you return,
how will your basic schemes of life
unfold? Can you continue to feel
bold and brave, now that the lion
stalks the scent of you?

You wish to take to flight again,
beyond the world of real. But now
a quivering has overcome your
sense of will. Where, the pompous,
regal attitude you used to wear?
Dissipated in a mist of sound.

It enters you and nothing is the same.
Vibrations are much more than just
a game. Universally, they echo out
into eternity. E'en that - your silent plea
to be released from all the misery you
feel. Real, too real, this sudden sense
of total empathy.

How deep it lies within impassioned
cells. It lives and breathes and cannot
be denied. And it is wise beyond the
canny thoughts of intellect alone.
The lion roars, and even home no
longer feels as safe. What will it take
to melt the icy cold of mind alone?
Another thousand, million deaths,
before the tale, in truth, is told?

The lion roars - it lives the truth
of flesh and bone and soul...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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