The Right to Love

You were loved when you were here.
How quickly and completely that
you chose to put that love aside.
As if, you couldn't handle it - so used
to the abuse you've always lived with.
Did you somehow think you weren't worthy...?

We were here together and our love was real.
until some horror of your past, revealed itself
again to you. If only you had talked to me
about it. Perhaps we could have found a way
to heal even that within our love. But perhaps
just doesn't matter anymore - not in the vacuum
that you choose to live. And I simply cannot live
there with you anymore at all.

For now you've thought your way
into a chamber deep and dim;
convinced that it was never really
love we shared at all. Even while
the feel resides within each memory
we used to share - those memories
you hold so totally within yourself,
secretly exempt now from that life
you choose to live within reality.
Whatever you still fear, I know,
it never came from me.

I sit here and I try so hard, to remember
allthe many things I used to love about you -
your eyes, that held the open skies;
your touch, so gently loving me;
your strength that held the breadth
and width of heart and soul of love;
the many ways we played together;
the way our minds would flow
together then - and mend and heal
so many things that crossed our paths.
The quirky ways you made me laugh.

...but oh, the pain of aftermath,
each time you chose to go back to
that life you live within abuse...

Up to a point, the understanding was
made easy - for once upon I time, I'd
dwelled there too. And yet it reached
a point where every chasm that you
reached, became a great, impeachable
derision - there in you. And that I
never understood at all. For that,
I overcame so long ago, within
my youth. And o'er the years,
I learned to fight for my own rights
of being, whenever it was necessary
(no matter any smallness or the
singularity of this one form.)
Even now, society agrees that self-
defense, at times, is necessary -
in extreme. And we all know that
inner strength must always come to
compensate mere muscle.

We have the right to love and to be loved.
And we have the right to seek the stars and
moon and sun above. And yes, we are
allowed to disagree, and diagnose the
reasoning we follow. For always have
we had the right to learn another way
to a communication of the truth that
we were born to be.

We have the right to live within
the prosperity that nature spins.
We have the right to pick and choose
just where we need to be at any given
moment. And more, we have the right
to feel the grace of heaven living
here on earth.

Rights - the no and yes are truly born
forever in the feel of our equality.
So too, the many changes in our minds.
And oh, when hearts reach out again
to recreate the innocence of love that
we once knew - we have the right
to make our dreams come true.

You were loved when you were here.
How quickly and completely that
you chose to put that love aside.
As if you couldn't handle it - so used
to the abuse you've lived so long and hard.
Could it be that somehow, someone other
convinced you that you really weren't worthy...?

Each of us is born within a sweet, angelic form.
It matters not, the genesis of scientific attitudes.
Our genes are simply what we choose to wear.
Precious, precious - life enhanced by being.
Spirit, heartfelt soul - these realms invisible,
they reach forever in and out of every
constitution. Ours is the choice of what
will be for us. Indivisibly, that choice is
ever only ours to make.

For we have the right to speak our mind;
to reach into the void and find
our one true voice that leads us
to forever love that lives itself
upon this earth so real. This love that
comes and goes, yet streams right through,
the each and every alternate life brings
into perception. And truly, any life that's
lived in love, must ever come to feel the
meaning of this love that lives beyond
the little intellect of mind's division...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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