These Very Human Eyes

Steady, smooth and flowing free
into eternity. Sight and sound, this
scent, that touch - we feel our way
along. Back again, at last, this love
returns within a stream of glistening.

Don't you see, my love...?
It never really mattered.
The time you so believed in
has been spent on something else.
Yet still, the starlight dances
through the moonlit indigo.
It beckons love to come again,
through us. Never need that pain
return again. Believe, and love
will then expand in you.

Sway a little, in this living air.
Open and receive its healing.
Free - it sets you free again, to
dream into the spring within
these very human eyes.

Love is all that ever really matters.
Meaningless ideals are tossed aside.
Passion gently ripples like a breeze
upon the pond, moving us within
it endless tide. The dancing light
is sparkling beyond all expectation,
gathering itself within these very
human eyes.

Spirit sighs become the gentle hush
of lullabies, bringing all the warmth
of summer skies. Nature, in its beauty
is so wise. 'Tis here the angels sing
without disguise. Bliss of heaven born
within these very human eyes.

Smooth, and flowing free again -
this blessing born of heart. See it
rise within the skies, and know it well,
sparkling with mystery, alive and filled
with glee. Forever dwelling here
within these very human eyes...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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