A Sign

There was no bright and burning star
to light the way this time. Instead a
gentle wave of love was all they had
to follow. Its reality lay far beyond
their threshold of beliefs. It was not
blind, nor deaf, nor dumb - and yet
it was not blatantly insistent.

It rose and fell within a hum, yet
never made a statement. Gently
moving deep within; each heart
it touched was stirred. It rose
and fell within routine, its vision
somewhat blurred. A feeling -
real and strong and true - this
was the only clue.

It healed those who dared to
heed its call, and ever offered
more as need arose. Its wisdom
came all unexpected, as they
opened, just as truth began to
reach for states of great
illumination. 'Twas then that
it began to glow in earnest.

Joy is its greatest mystery, and
heartfelt gratitude its grand
endurance. Exuberance
became its middle name.
Forever is its only destination.

Two or more were known to share
it, there between themselves, and
here it grew into immensity.
Intimately, as the heavens
sang its glory and its wonder
through the ever-changing skies.
Stars would shine more brightly
every time it came to be more real,
in ever growing increments.

And then they had to ask themselves -
what good a love that binds them to
an attitude that cannot stand to change?
And so the many moods of man (unspoken)
began another vast destruction of the
very greatest need of every individual -
this love. For love is freedom, breathing
in the wind; ever-changing in a tapestry
that's seen in every thread of this vast
beauty of creation that this earth
provides, so freely to us all.

And always must it feel itself complete;
whether touching tenderly or calling
out within a need for something other,
something more or less than any
sameness of a static safety can e'er
come to yet conceive or carry on. The
angels and the devils stand as one,
and then it flows - streaming through
infinity forever. Sign become a
visionary symbol.

Closer still, and yet so far away...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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