This Healing

Righteous rage
The wrath of deity
Zeus of deadly lightning bolts
Hera of the jealous hearth of home
Yahweh never really disappeared
inside an only kind and loving God.

Anger, hatred - storms of great
destructive admiration born of jealousy.
What target will they strike at next?
Uncaring of the pain their victims feel.
This too, is part and parcel
of our very human heritage;
and it refuses this division any more.

Janus-faced, we learn to say and do
not even half of all we feel. Is it
sacrilege to steal another's grace,
and try to leave behind the face
we just don't wish to see?

Is forgiveness all too lightly given?
Taken in and used so that abuse
will never really end at all.
Miracle of miracles -
the water turned to
wine of living blood.

How endlessly inebriating
sacredness must be;
running constantly
through all our veins.
Intriguingly complete
and always just beyond
the reach of touching hands.

Disordered clarity
of systems' doom.
Believing in their numbering
and never knowing all that
lives within the empty
spaces in between
that awful, endless count
of balance sheets.

Passion rising,
falling into everything that is.
Pain or pleasure?
Who's to really say
which in the end might
bring the greater high?
The more we try
to hold it all together,
the faster does it
crumble into dust.

Grasp too hard
and all the beauty
of the growing rose
will leave behind
no more than just
a quickly fading scent.
Nourish it with tenderness,
and know another bud
will take its place.

Mysterious, how love
can bring about a growing
epidemic of denial; and
feelings of protectiveness
that in the end must fail
themselves in wake of
freedom's call.

How painful,
and how needy now -
this healing can be...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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