This Journey

She was drowning in a sea of misery,
when one bright spark reached out
to catch her fast within its spell.
Tossed and turned, no breath left
for her lungs, yet still somehow the
world hung above, in vast ascension.

Oh, to hear his voice again - to feel
his tender, loving touch - an entrance
into all that's meant to be. She must,
she must yet linger on for this, if nothing
else; for an ancient spell of love had
once been cast upon the waters of
all time and space and being.

Sea-salt in her lungs, she plunged
and somehow found herself afloat.
The sands of time yet luring her
into the quiet, sunlit bay of her
survival. Her soul, her form, was
washed up on a shore of living

Exhausted then, she slept, within the
arms of innocence again. Golden
grains of sand surrounding, warming
all the icy cold of oceans yet too deep
to keep her moving on. Heart thrumming
in vibration yet, with his. And thus a
dream, so unsuspected, opened out
within her waiting, wanting mind.

Time, there was no time - not here,
amid these visions of a clear, blue
sky. Every preformed alibi of that,
the social life she used to live had
disappeared somehow, just as the
morning mist turned into light.
Memories became no more than
just imagination - a make-believe
that never could sustain the life
that she must come to live.

Reality, oh Deity! Where was she
living now...? This distant shore
was surely formed beyond the minds
that claimed they ought to know.
Nature, omnipotent and complete,
became the farthest reach; and
sustenance her greatest need of all.

The sun, the salty breeze of ocean's
alibi, they wakened her to life yet once
again. This time, in a state beyond
suspension. She looked, and there
before her, mountains rose and fell
in blind relief; speaking, singing in a
tone she'd never really felt in days
gone by. And there, she spied a path
up to the heights.

Sun rising at her back, she chose to
follow this unholy path, for something
deep inside of her insisted that she must
complete this complex test of being.
(Love, oh my beloved, do you linger
with me still?) Echoing, the winds would
sing her spirit home in him again - no
matter distance won or lost or thought
to lay there, in the in between.

Perceiving past the norm of mortal sight,
it was his eyes that guided her in even this
endeavor. Gold and green, a precious
form of lightning yet lived. And so she
traveled on, past all the morrows that
they'd based their love upon (for giving
up would never do - not in the realm of
love that they still shared).

A strength she never knew was hers,
flowed through her then (as if the earth
herself conceived the truth of this,
their love, and lent a mighty, living hand
to her). And in this solitary passage,
the pain of loss became the voice
she ever would command. 'Twas
as if her destiny must now become
the words of understanding even this -
the greatest loss humanity (in total)
ever knew.

To heal the world, she knew that she
must somehow mend the shattering
of her own heart. His eyes became
the skies of all her dreams, just then,
within a numbing realization (just this,
that she would never come to touch
his flesh again). Tears streaming
through the climb she had to make,
somehow his spirit came to undertake
this journey (misunderstood - the mighty
power that each heart still beats).

An echoing of greater distance drawing
ever closer, became for her the substance
of his touch, too long denied. Even as a
fawn walked by, and dared to meet her
weary eyes before it ran off in the brush.
If she was here, then surely, this is where
her heart and soul were meant to be.
Somehow, some way, she would find
a way to reckon even this within
the greater scores of everlasting life.

Imagine then, this journey towards the
essence of the healing of heart...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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