This Love Divine

Where there is love, there is no fear -
reach out with joy each time this love draws near;
embracing every counterpoint, awakening each cell,
rising high and low - encompassing the means
of each extremity that reaches now with you.
Open up your hand and touch the sky;
feel the earth arise in you in flows of energy,
anchored firmly as your spirit takes to flying high.

For meant to be is more than just a feeling.
It is a strength that opens doors
once sealed in antiquity.
They shatter and they squeak
as we approach them once again;
yet still they open to one gentle
touch that loves it all in equanimity.

The spell was cast, and spirits slept
in lives to fully set in casts
of molded plaster parts.
We lived with our eyes opened wide,
while caught within a net cast neatly
round about our lives -
it's message a security
that once felt safe and sound.

What then, these feelings, so unsettling
that make us get back to our feet again...?
Pacing in a circle as if caged within a square;
screaming silently as if some higher power
heard our pleas ring out, then settling
to sleep again in silence as a whisper
of the nighttime wind replies.

Momentarily, at times, a clarity is blown into
our lives, that lasts into the light of just one day
that we may never find again, as all we are
becomes a harmony - 'tis then we know that
love's arrived again. Strange, how loneliness
cannot exist when love becomes the field
of our belief, no matter how much time we
choose to spend alone.

Tenderly, we look into the mirror of our eyes
and find the stars within the skies still glistening,
answering that silent plea we made. Suddenly,
we know exactly what we need to do. For
fear has been dissolved back to the nothingness
its means were always based upon. Something
stirs, perhaps an ancient deity, and moves much
more than just one mind or form. This movement
can be felt into forever, as memories of innocence
come seeking their rebirth in us again.

Thus the patterns of our lives are altered, changing
in a strain of music singing from the depths of our
own heart; for memories are blossoming in ways
that reach beyond all pain or strain, and weave
themselves so valiantly into this sense of healing,
that every cell of flesh we have become responds
within a flowering of love yet once again.
The kind of love we always knew as real,
climaxing in quiet times of reverie again.
Then moving out to make its changes
in the greater rounds of our societies.

And oh, the patterns of this newly forming tapestry
grow beautifully alive in shining wonder; over and
above that linearity where time keeps moving on,
as we stray from paths overtly worn by multitudes
that came before, and choose to move in other
ways just as the ocean's waves begin to roar
within our ears. And here, a condor glides upon
the living tides of air that breath themselves
into our lives forever.

'Tis then the truth we always felt should be
springs unasked into a verity that feels its way
into these lives of vibrant energy. For we
have stepped beyond all blockage, and ceased
belief in hurdles' muted lies. As earth begins
to speak her peace of love through us again,
aware that as she does, her magic blends
into a healing fountain from which each
of us may drink.

"Walk once again along those shores, oh
special child of mine. Dine amid the great
propensity of infinite prosperity that flows
from me to you. I ask no more than that you
love, as I have loved, throughout creation,
quietly composing yet another drop of
consciousness for me."

Hearing this, we cry the tear that matters
most of all - one tear of pure and utter joy
as love of life becomes one great continuance,
grown from seeds uncountable and uncontained
into the womb of one community of conscious
being. Where all we know is that we live
to share this love divine...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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