Through Eternity

Unstructured, loose, yet still not free;
Living, breathing atrophy.
Seeking union, still divided.
Seeking source, yet left unguided.

Delinquent hope left undefined;
Unsculptured wad of clay divine.
One too many, watch the show:
All the stars are falling down.

Light ablaze within the sky.
Never meant to wonder why.
The answers of the past have failed.
We live, yet still a veil divides us all.

Misty images arise within the starry,
Sometimes sunlit skies of mind.
Opposition come to meet extremity.
Surprisingly, a feel of glee arises.

One and then the other reaching out,
Discovering a compliment that seems
To overcome that great division.
Rainbow bridge, now reaching into us.

Surely, we must come to trust
The beauty of creation yet again.
Golden sands and ochre of the earth
Expand into another living color.

Discovering the feeling of an innocence,
Living still within the rule of distant
Time and space and age-old being.
Regenerating hope of love fulfilled.

Unstructured, loose, just coming free;
A living, breathing symphony.
Composing every altering.
Singing itself through eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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