T Minus
(32 Days and Counting)

You used to buy me flowers
just because you wanted to,
but now it seems the flowers are
too beautiful to waste on only me;
and I just donít seem to get it -
the way you take me all for granted,
as if somehow Iíd changed the base
of who and what I am.

Yet still, I am the same -
not so very different from the one
who used to turn you on with just
a word, a phrase, a turn, a meaning;
yet I sit here wondering what
I might have done to bring this change,
while only circumstances have been rearranged
from summer sun to winter rain and snow.

Perhaps itís that the glow just isnít
quite so intense at this time of the year;
or maybe the fact that youíre living right here
makes you feel somehow secure within a lapse,
reminding you of days that used to pass for you
so numbly, side-stepping nimbly someone else
(who demanded so much more of you than I).

But thatís not me, it never was
and this love that flows of destiny
is suffering, the same as I,
no matter how I try to find
another way into communication;
for I get no answer and no reason why
it need be so - you simply say that you
donít know and want to drop the subject
(while I only know that love must flow
without these blockages).

Free and easy, like a bird that glides
upon a current of the purest air,
invisibly upheld in everything
without the constant all deviation,
so you seem to fly - so unaware of
all the repetitions of a coming storm
that never seems to quite arrive at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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