To Even You

Ever since I came to know you, I've felt
as if I'm traveling back in time. Oh, how
I miss the feel of forward motion. Yet
still, you're heading back - destination
never known or felt by you, to preschool
days of utter innocence. For you never
came to comprehend the underlying
 sense of growth at all.

There was a space, beyond all time, where
you and I were one in loving motion. But now,
this space can breed no more than emptiness,
for memory is all you've come to need -
unraveling the fabric that
our love was built upon -
all because you never learned
to leave the past behind.

The world moves on, and change is
imminently real, yet still you cling to
worn-out ways that speak no more than
habit, never daring to abide an alteration.
Never caring quite enough
to follow through.

You named me angel; then treated me
as nothing more than just another thing
to have and hold and throw away -
replaced by yet one more.
Seductive and seducing - you convinced me
with your words of love (and roses blooming
deeply in pure shades of rainbow colors),
promising so many things you never came
to share.

At first, that day you walked away,
never planning to return, I felt as if the world
I knew,had been washed away by some gigantic,
overwhelming tide of your own rage and blame.
And still, you try to play those games with me.
Promising eternity in love, if only I would do
yet more to ease your massive, self-born pain.

Yet the rains have come again, and Northern
winds are blowing stronger, day by day. Even
as you swelter in the heat of all those
overbearing Texan days. I remember yet another,
just like you - who swore his love was true. He
remains within the frozen climbs of mountains
grown so high that the lack of oxygen consistently
depletes the power of his mind. He too, relieves
his boredom by an artificial high - like you. Refusing
to admit or e'er amend the great mistakes that he has
made within the moments of his dwindling days.

And yet another man - he came and went and
promised me forever for this love- yet it seems that he
was bent on only just one other
that might come and once forgive him,
just for being who he is. The story's old and
yet, it still lives on. So many who revert to days,
no longer here, nor lived within reality. Perhaps
this too, was meant to be - that I might finally come
to see, the grace and beauty that my life has truly
come to be. I have not wealth, nor riches. I never
came to be what sick societies deem a success.

And yet I still have this - I love, and I love true.
I've tried, too many times now, to come to
understand the attitudes and moods and blind
beliefs that seem to be your only deity. And I
thank the stars that shine each night, that I am
not like you. For I have chosen love that's true,
above the safety net of your supposed great

And somehow I know, beyond a doubt, that
even now, I have been granted riches far
beyond the rest. For still, I love - beyond
their definitions...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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