To Flight Again

The faery took to flight again,
within the starlit skies, wondering
what she had gained by watching
through the mysteries of man and
woman, railing at each other.

At first, she felt no more than heavy,
as if their atmospheric pressure had
somehow entered into her; but then
within the movement of her flight,
she found that even weight could be

For the higher that she sought to fly,
the lighter she became - until she came
to be, once more, another wisp upon
the ever-altering wind. Whispering within
the breeze; attuning yet again the flow
of earthen majesty.

A sour note resounded - she flew on;
expecting nothing less than that new
feeling of exuberance that flight had
always brought to her unasked. And
so it came to be. As more and more,
the harmony of nature and her healing
came to be a harmony that played
her life and form along within its song.

And so she flowed, where time would
never play a part - her heart a flame
that never would be tamed; no matter
strength or texture of the chains that
mankind sought to claim or bind her in.
And it was here, just here, that the glowing
of her ebullience became exuberance
for life and love again.

For she had taken yet another holiday
from pain; and found that love responded
in another new and unexpected way.
From where, she never dared to ask;
for all she ever needed was to feel
it flowing in the wind, and see it
glowing in the stars and moon
and sunshine's beams, that ever came
to light her way - and thus became
forever in her wings...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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