To Make the Time

Anciently, sweet memories arise within our
souls, for we have been a part of one another
since before these words began to form
themselves into these strings of conscious

Distantly, we see stars streaming melodies
into our dream of each tomorrow; as childhood
imagining awakens in this vastness of reality,
reborn in forms matured beyond all norms.
For we have lived our many incarnations
rolling through the wheels of time and mind;
and timelessness is beckoning again within
fantastic myriads of paradigms that never
prove themselves as true within a vaster
sense of all totality.

There is a light within all eyes that awesomely
repeats a chant of ancient magic shaping every
moment of this pure divinity of life in motion.
Sacredly, in scintillating glints that tease us back
into one destiny of newborn prophecy. We have
watched a myriad of generations come and go,
and seen the might of nations rise and fall within
and out of congregation. Now is that momentary
point of world transition, chaotically enhancing
every breath we dare to take.

Breathe out - a hum, as if a flute of wooden nature,
plays on in adoration; within an artistry reborn; in
reverence and vast appeal that must include these
particle s of flesh within a healing so profound,
the gods will sound their mighty horns again - this
time in a recession of all warring attitudes. For
love has made the endless round abouts of our
existence into paradise again - where friends are
found to be the end of our beginning yet again.

The sun is shining brilliantly within a starlit sky,
and there within their eyes unmasked - (for the
veils have been rent), they have become pure
dissolution - in so many tones of spirit voices
singing through these systems of our lives; if
we but make the time to hear.  Young and old alike,
we finally come to know another feel of timelessness,
in magically enchanting ways and means
that speak - not scientifically - and yet
somehow they take the realms of specialized
exasperation of all separation and use this energy
to sing this earthen realm into a healing of it all.

Can you hear the whispering of windblown trees...?
and scent that salty breath of great Poseidon, tamed
yet flowing deep within as moisture moves in waves
untamed yet gently reaching for the peak of all
existence - here within these realms too long deserted,
where modern minds so oft' refuse to tread. Just now,
as all those wheels spin to cosmically renew our hope
in life that lives itself in loving ways. Love so natural,
its views are vaster than those heaven's eyes of
angels up on high.

Sun, oh brilliant star of earth - and moon!  Enlighten
us in ways and waves of utter ecstasy; for we have
come to know the root and stem of roses become
diadems that shine though everything. So this life
has come to be, and so it must continue to live on
in immortality of flesh and form - beyond all norms
or preset habit patterns; as we come to know ourselves
at last in a continuance that must include the past.
And no matter states of quick ascension; here, within
descent, our roots will grow more freely, deep
within these hallowed grounds of earth and sky.

Echoing, the moon will sing in utter harmony; as
twilight settles day to night again. Cycles ever
moving into depths of newness yet beyond our
understanding; for each of us is so much more
than we have come to know ourselves to be.
Stand with us, and then we stand together, stronger
yet for every hand that reaches out to grasp
another hand in loving care; and thus we share
the ultimate of deeply rooted faith that
comes within one moment of an utter

Anciently, sweet memories arise forever in
our hearts and souls, for we have been
a part of one another since before these
words of great ideas began to from
into a living string of conscious being;
and we are one with earth and air and
sun; fueling the fire of all compassion -
each time we dare to make the time
to love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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