Transcends Itself

A wave of possibility is blowing in the air.
Transparently, another being alters in this
flux of living energy of consciousness.
One choice and all the world is changed,
by a consciousness that is our ground of
being. Personal and yet much more than
any subjectivity - the known is swayed
again by forces never understood.

Yet here lies hope in every new beginning,
for life and love are near and dear again.
You can see it in the windswept trees,
leaves glistening in warmth of sun become
clairvoyant by another gust of cooling autumn
wind. And here there is no death, for leaves
just simply choose to blow themselves away;
flying freely in a glory rarely sensed within
a human mind.

Is it insanity to sense this world of spirits
reaching out within a touch of pure divinity?
Can the rush we make of life e'er come to
fill the deeper need of love come true?
We run, not even knowing what it is
that we run from. A shadow here, a feeling
there, that we have never dared to come
to know before.

The river still runs swiftly to rejoin the
endless sea, where deeper feelings come
to be the meaning of it all. Waves of air
flow on in an eternity of breathing skies.
No alibi or theme could ever come to
dream this beauty all around. And when
we find ourselves too all alone within a
teaming crowd of streaming others, what
good a home that keeps just one, adrift
within another stream of great activity
less love?

There is a net, abiding yet, beyond the
plane of consciousness that speaks in
terms of you and I as no more than
separations of identities left playing
in the prison of an intellect that proves
no more than that life truly is a paradox -
battling for something that becomes only
an instinct of survival. Civilized, we stop
ourselves from tearing at our hair; just
when this new horizon comes to be an
endless view, too all-encompassing
to be denied again.

Integrity then seems to mean another sorry
definition of what cannot be defined at all,
when suddenly the walls of our enclosure
start to crumble into dust. We fall in bed,
exhausted by the inconsistencies of what
we had been taught must truly be reality.
Invisibly, electrons leap - no path, no wave,
no time, no space can stop the change of
face that comes to enter when they do.

As what seemed minuscule in its invisibility
to mortal eyes, suddenly transcends itself,
becoming all that any eye can truly see. An
instant out of time emerges from the deeper
blues of glowing clarity. Silently, our soul
cries out, perceiving its true home again
at last...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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