Unseen Forces

Unseen forces, drawing near, emulating
all the beauty of the atmosphere we breathe.
The sky on high is shimmering within the
light of moon and stars above. A scent of
growing grass and blooming roses blends
within the whirl and spin of galaxies.
Cosmically - this sense of life revealed
itself within an ecstasy.

The spirit world is seven-fold, as told by
sages 'cross the world wide. How is it
that we only tend to see just three? Could
it be that we believe we need not grow, or
that the staid and static might increase
itself somehow, without the feel of chaos
every change must e'er involve? The
balance lies between it all - the order and
the chaos calling in the nighttime sky.
Learn from it, and you will fly to realms
once thought mere fantasy.

A mind's belief become discrepancy. Too
much intelligence serves to confuse the many
bends and warps of living history. Remember
all the days you spent in childlike innocence.
Those moments when no parent hovered,
telling you just what it was you were allowed
to do. Those moments when the fantasy came
true. Compare this to the newest rage of mind's
capacity. It is the same. Visualize the new reality,
so clearly that it seems that you are there.
Then patiently await the dawn's arrival.
One or two or three - there is no time within
this world of living dreams come true.

Walk out into the night without your fear.
Find the brightest shining star and let your
vision soften to its light and height of being.
Confer with it and plan your future dreams
(allowing always for a newborn variation).
Then find your bed and sleep the healing
sleep of starlit dreams. Awaken to the
morning light - believing it can change
most anything. Learn to trust in realms
that lie beyond the reasoning of manmade
institutes. Ah, but here the quirks arise;
patience must be found within this sphere -
a diligence that holds within itself the prophecy.

Quietly receive the implications. Act,
whenever action is compelled from deep
within. Take the time to watch the worlds
spinning round and round. Indulge yourself
in your imagination. Assume the dream is
growing somewhere - childlike, within a womb.
And groom yourself, a little at a time. For its
birth is imminent. But only if you hold it true,
just there.

Feel the unseen forces drawing near, and hold
them dear - as dear as if a seed just planted
here, within our earth, and nurture it. Watch
the sky on high; it shimmers now for you, within
the light of moon and stars above. Note the scent
of growing grass and blooming roses blending
in the whirl and spin of galaxies - and know it
as real. Believe and wait, and then become,
the magic of creation being born - astoundingly
related to your dreams...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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