Unyielding Yearning

Deity - why is it that we feel that we
must always keep it at a distance...?
As if its touch might shatter us into
an endless new beginning. Is it that
we fear the awesome power of our
creations? Or do we fear they never
will be powerful enough to be made real?

If we reached and touched and came
to know it intimately breathing in our lives,
could we still live among the endless throngs
that never will attempt this mystery;
yet still belong inside ourselves into forever?

And then what would we be? Unidentified yet
free; an ever forming tapestry of liquid light that
sings within an ever growing symphony of unity
alive in one great heart that always loves.

Or is it that we'd rather blame some distant
deity for all the ills that we create unfeelingly?
Deep the depths and dark the journey, ever
seeking one great flame of understanding.

Endless possibilities, alive within each particle
of being. Must they always lead into a violence
of need and greed that never satisfies? Or to a
place where changing winds can't enter in
to breathe a breath of freshness into life?

Unsettling, the longing of a soul, for too long
left unsatisfied - buried in the details of our lives
that all too often override the living sense of
touch and feel. Convinced that only intellect
and ego can be good and right and real.

It grows within us now, a great unyielding
yearning for a life that only loving touch
can bring. This tingling within our cells,
it beckons us into infinity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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