Up the Mountain

I've got to make it up the mountain
one more time again. One step at a time
and the climb becomes all that there is to be.
The earth rising up in its imminent way -
guiding each movement, windblown and gay.
And with each step the mountain sings
more clearly in my head.

Destination unknown and the time doesn't
matter. The journey becomes everything.
And she is there with me, so wild and free;
untamed, there is no shame to feel at all.
Endlessly her peaks and valleys rise and
fall for me. There is always so much more
to be than what first meets the eye. To live
and breathe the sky, and then to fly into

Savagely, a storm advances; crushing
weight of moisture laden air. Lightning
reaching out as if to touch the peak;
lusting to become an earthen form.
Walk on and know the feel of clouds,
enveloping the trees in white-laced mist.
Sheltering beneath a tree, just watch
it blow away - imagining eternity within
a mighty sway that somehow lingers in
the branches even then. And then the
rainbow glory must begin.

I've got to make it up the mountain
one more time again - this time to stay...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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