Utter Silence

The utter silence beckoned him to rise
another level in perception. Eerily,
the darkness blankets everything
that he once used to see. Yet still,
he hears, much more than he had
ever heard before.

A babbling at first, as if a stream were
bubbling across and over years of
falling rocks. And then the shock,
as one by one, each tone begins
to whisper yet another living secret
to him there. Too much, too much -
how would he ever sort it all into one
vein of comprehension?

He clasps his hands over his ears;
astoundingly, a sweet and clear and
high vibration brings him back into
a pitch of balance. This is where
he's ever sought to be. For the sirens
of the sea sing endlessly to him
whenever he is here.

Yet still, the greater world of man
refused to understand this greater
need that spoke so fluently within
his heart and soul. And so, for all
he gave, he felt his life just dwindling
away within the ordinary of the
ought to be.

He prayed then, once again, unto that
molten image of a male deity; and
yet again a Goddess came to answer.
Within an utter silence, beckoning again
for him to rise into another level of perception.
Slowly, yet more surely now, he came
to feel the light that weaves itself within
the blanket of arising indigo. Yet now,
he hears and feels much more than ever
he had come to know before...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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